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Festive Joy

The perfect stocking filler, Festive Joy is a unique 100% pure blend of essential oils formulated by Julia Lawless & was created to capture a simultaneously sweet & spicy, piney-orangey aroma that evokes the magical scent of Christmas. The oil won 'Editor's Choice' in The Beauty Shortlist 2017 awards.

Use direct for scenting a decorative winter potpourri (check our Instagramfor a fab recipe), or use as a ready-made blend in making your own festive aromatherapy candles.

Try adding 20 drops to a glass bottle with atomiser top & fill with spring water. Leave to infuse for a week or so & use to scent cards, decorations or presents... or simply diffuse the heart-warming blend around the house in either a traditional oil burner or electric diffuser for an instant Christmassy ambience & to evoke the festive spirit!


Rosemary Water

Use our award-winning rosemary water as a hair tonic to promote growth & impart shine. Use as a daily treatment on the scalp & roots or as a cold rinse after shampooing & conditioning.

Use as a facial toner to refresh, energise & protect the skin. Particularly good for normal to oily skin, rosemary is known for its ability to reduce dark circles & puffiness, while increasing blood flow to the skin.

Use as a pick-me-up the morning after the night before, rosemary water is a very useful hangover aid! Keep the bottle in the fridge overnight for an extra refreshing cool spritz in the morning!

Take traveling with you as a versatile on-the-go aid. It can be used as a light deodorant for underarms and feet, or as a revitalising foot spray. Its uplifting & energising properties help combat jet lag whilst crossing time zones.


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I was fortunate to attend the launch of the ‘Botanical Bible’ in London recently, a beautifully illustrated book written by Sonya Patel Ellis which has just been published by William Collins. It represents a very ambitious project in that it covers not only the evolutionary history of botanical plants but also their prominent cultural role in the development of art, gardening, medicine and science…. as well as providing lots of interesting recipes to try out.

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It was a great experience to be part of the first Go Organic Festival to held in Battersea Park, London over the weekend of the 8-9th September. Everyone who had a stand at the Festival either supplied or produced 100% certified Organic products, with backing from the Soil Association and in support of Organic September. This created a unique feeling of collaboration amongst the stall holders present, since it was evident that everyone was committed to the same underlying ‘green’ principles of promoting optimum personal health whilst at the same time protecting our fragile planet.

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Here in Colorado, on the slopes of the Rocky Mountains, the trees need to be tough to survive the hard winters and the parched dry summers of this high- altitude terrain. The highest-known juniper forests occurs at altitudes of over 16,000 feet in south-eastern Tibet and the northern Himalayas, creating one of the highest tree-lines on earth. It is not surprising that juniper trees are therefore amongst the most resilient of evergreens often found growing in wild and inhospitable places. In Finland which has an extremely long and cold winter climate, it is even common to see ancient juniper trees growing directly from cracks in the granite… like twisted bonsai emerging from large chunks of rock left behind by the retreating glaciers.

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Quality control of essential oils is the single most
important issue for any reputable company
trading in aromatics.

- Julia Lawless

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